Exhibition Space

Emanuel Luxury Venue is perfectly configured for art exhibitions or experiential marketing events where a brand needs to display products or set up vignettes for clients or the public to browse. Exhibitions may be set up in both the ground floor reception room and the Grand Ballroom upstairs, or you may choose to use the ground floor reception room for welcome cocktails or a lecture room, for example.

The 2 story glass brick façade lets in a beautiful, diffused light all day and the ample entrance foyer and second floor foyer make great lounge areas or space for concession stands.


The venue is located in the heart of Miami Beach, on Washington and 17th, directly opposite the Miami Beach Convention Center and the Fillmore, steps from the best hotels, restaurants and shopping. The central location in proximity to local attractions makes it the perfect location for attracting a large public to your event.

ART FAIR In The Grand Ballroom

Entrance Foyer & Downstairs Reception Room For Exhibition